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Ecolab® Air Fresh 2010 Dispenser
Electrically operated, Airkem brand dispenser with a quiet fan that effectively disperses product form Solidaire 2010 cartridges at variable airflow selections. Coverage: 1000-2500 sq ft.
Green $96.94/EA
Ecolab® Guardian Dispenser
This Airkem brand dispenser allows the natural airflow in rooms to pass through louvers at either side or front of the unit. For areas up to 100 sq ft with intense odors. For maximum effectiveness, install near doorways. Holds three, 7 oz Solidaire tubes. 24 per case.
Ecolab® Solidaire 2010 Intensive Care Odor Counteractant
A concentrated, non-aerosol odor counteractant that contains no VOCs. Utilize product through Air Fresh 2010 dispenser. Color: Beige.
Ecolab® Solidaire Blue Gel Odor Control - 14 oz.
Heavy-duty healthcare use. This non-flammable gel provides continuous treatment of air in occupied areas. Citrus blend.
Ecolab® Timeaire Dispenser
Time release, fan-assisted evaporation system provides up to 60 days of fresh smelling scent in areas up to 800 sq ft. Can be installed on ceilings to limit vandalism access.
Best Buy $30.30/EA
Ecolab® Time-Aire Fresh Rain Odor Counteractant/Pouch
Provides the crisp, cool scent of a spring rainfall. Refill pad lasts up to 75 dyas. Fits inside wall air conditioning units and upright vacuum cleaners. Covers areas of 100-500 sq. ft.

Scentaire™ Strips
Available in various scents. (Show more)